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Welcome Mama!

It's time to stop silently struggling...

and start feeling radiant joy!

There are a lot of Moms like you that really love their kids but aren't loving motherhood.

You're not a bad Mom. You're just human. don't have to feel this way.

You can feel calm, confident, connected and radiantly joyful every single day.

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Hi Mama

I'm Lynn Turcotte-Schuh,

your biggest cheerleader.

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As an Intuitive Mentor, Speaker & Lightworker, I support you in getting out ​of survival mode and connecting with your kids so you can parent with calm ​and confidence and feel so full of joy you leave the dishes in the sink and bust ​a move in your kitchen.

When I'm not working with Mamas you can find me with my wife and ​daughter on our 14-acre homestead; probably hanging out with my rabbits ​or chickens, getting dirty in the garden or leading my own wicked awesome, ​radiantly joyful kitchen dance party...and you know the song we're dancing ​to is by NKOTB. #blockhead4eva

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The Moms I Work With...

Come to me feeling:

  • Overwhelmed and burnt-out
  • Guilt ridden and full of resentment & self-doubt
  • Disconnected and pulled in a million directions

They envision a life where they feel:

  • Fulfilled beyond their role as a mother
  • Joyful and deeply connected to their kids
  • Confident in navigating challenges and trusting their intuition

And they transform into:

  • A confident and empowered Mom who loves her children deeply
  • A human being who is fulfilled by her own personal goals and dreams
  • A courageous woman who has broken free from society's expectations and ​finds radiant joy in every day